What is Classical Conversations? Part Two: Essentials

Posted on Jan 8 2016 - 10:04pm by jennynweston

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Welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about the next level of the Classical Conversations program: Essentials. While Foundations focuses primarily on the grammar stage of Classical education, Essentials is the bridge between the grammar stage and the dialectic stage of learning. After participating in the Foundations program in the morning, students in 4th-6th grade stay for the afternoon and focus on learning and practicing the skills of grammar and writing.   There is still quite a bit of memorization, but there is also quite a bit of practice using their previously memorized information.  

For twenty-four weeks, a tutor introduces new information to both students and parents, and together they practice and discuss how to use this information. I am confident that when your student leaves this class, they will know how to compose a grammatically correct sentence, how to identify and diagram all parts of that sentence, and how to effectively communicate on paper.  


They also spend some time in class sharing their papers with their peers. This allows them to encourage each other, as they spend some time discussing what was done well in the paper. It’s also a great accountability tool. Knowing that their papers are often read in class is motivation for them at home. Finally, there is thirty minutes of math games at some point in the Essentials afternoon. This is designed to sharpen their skills and increase their speed through games.  48

I absolutely love the Classical Conversations Essentials program! Before I had kids and landed in homeschool world, I was an office manager for a time. One of my biggest shocks when hiring was the lack of the applicants’ ability to communicate in writing. I strongly believe that if we teach our children to communicate, and communicate with excellence, we will be setting them up for better success in future…not only in their work but in all matters life and faith! 

CC_logo-03Click here to learn more about Classical Conversations and to find a local community, and stay tuned for What is Classical Conversation Part Three: Challenge. 


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